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Star Griff Jasmine Princess "SALLY"

Our Sally is truly a princess! Very loving, friendly with other dogs, adores puppies and likes to be pampered! 

She comes from our lovely colleague Oksana from the Ukraine and is an enrichment for our kennel. Her ancestors from Monkeylike lines, her perfect red coat, her great build, her health and endurance are such rarity values.  

Paopan Hawaii del Sacro Romano Impero


Our Coco,, a true ray of sunshine and an indescribable character: loving, affectionate and bringing joy. She is curious, kind, not scaredy, open and friendly to people - she brought her perfect griffon personality from Italy. She comes from old Shevilan blood lines, a true statement for the breeders, and has her very standard griffon appearance.

Thank you, Paola, for this amazing girl. We hope that Coco can inherit her great characteristics.  

Aminata African Love von den Trollhöhen


Amy is the daughter of Nicki, she was the only female with her 5 brothers! She stayed in our kennel as our first offspring and we are especially proud of her. When she got her own litter in 2024, she became an amazing, patient and loving mother.  

Amy's stunning red coat and her calm and endearing character make her a true dream dog. 

Haldde Borealis Nicole Kidman


Our Nicki.... it's all started with her. She comes from Norway and has brought a fresh wind into griffon breeding, good blood lines and a great character. After her two litters with 6 puppies in each she enjoys her well deserved retirement and lives her best stress-free live at home. She is without a doubt the chief of our pack, manages her girls and boys and helps with educating them. She helps a lot and is a great granny! 

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