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Our objective 

We are aware that many animal shelters are filled with dogs. That's why we are part of a breeding association, that is also responsible for controlling the criteria for breeding dogs. 

Our breed is almost unknown in Austria and griffon population is only very few dogs. 

It would be great if griffons could partially take over some of the very well known, bred far too much and therefore struggling with their health brachycephalic breeds. 

This situation is not easy for us, because in order to breed we need to carefully and thoughtfully select stud dogs from abroad and no cost and effort should shy us away from a possible breeding match. 

And even after that the nature will have its saying in the process! 

Stud dogs and puppies from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Denmark or Germany are subject to very strict health guide lines, kennel clubs operate with databases and breeding process is controlled and careful. 

Close line breeding or even inbreeding is avoided.

In some countries, the patella is not even examined and dogs have been bred for years without any examinations at all. We do not want to support this under any circumstances.

In addition, we try to know the pedigrees of our dogs exactly and, if possible, get to know the parents personally. We are happy to have made friends with some fellow breeders from Germany and all over the world.

Character and health are our most important criteria. The dogs should be open to all people, be friendly and approachable and also have a high threshold for irritation with children.

Although griffons are one of the brachycephalic dog breeds, which are currently known everywhere as cruel breeding, we can say that this breed is not impaired in any way in terms of breathing or physique.

And it is our job to keep it that way. That is why healthy griffons deviate a little from the FCI standard, because they have slightly longer noses and are of a more athletic stature. We see it as our duty not to breed for the best results at dog shows, but for functionality, health and character.

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