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Akello Against All von den Trollhöhen


Our Louis is Amy's brother, a second griffon from our breeding, a very sporty, healthy male with lots of charm and intelligence. Louis successfully completed the companion dog test and is also an Austrian youth champion.

He is the calm center of the pack, actually like his mother Nicki, and he loves long walks.

Louis is a successful stud dog who passed all examinations with flying colors.

Eduard Ferdinand Bringing Joy


Our Eddie came to us in the autumn, he comes from the Ukraine, his breeder is a very experienced and nice colleague who is always there for us. Eddie is the clown of the pack, always up for a joke, a little nerd in dog school and a motivated and self-confident dog at exhibitions. We are very excited about his further development, in any case he enriches our breeding with Louis.

Zilcan Hendricks


Our Toby comes from England, from the very well-known "Zilcan Kennel". After a long friendship, Mark and David entrusted us with this male dog. He will enrich our breeding with strong English lines. Even at 5 months old, you can see that our Toby will be a strong-boned, well-built male.

Toby is very balanced, relaxed and a wonderful cuddly dog ​​who loves to chill on the couch with the others.

Akin Almost Done von den Trollhöhen

Our Rumo, who, like Amy and Louis, was the first offspring in our kennel, is Angela's pride and joy. They live in Cologne and, as you can clearly see from the pictures, Rumo enjoys being a dog model and we think he does it very well! He attracts everyone's attention with his beautiful expression, perfect red fur and pleasant character. Rumo is a valuable member of our breeding program and we are pleased that we are in very good contact with our puppy buyers and that they are willing to work with us.

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