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We expect a litter at most once a year, please don't hesitate to contact us early enough to find out more.

It would be very helpful for us if the following questions could be answered in advance:

What is your current family situation?

How long does the dog have to stay alone during the week?

What do you imagine your ideal dog to be?


We try very hard to ensure that every puppy goes to a suitable owner; they should match in terms of character traits and living situation. We will also be honest if the favorite is not a good fit. Because it is not just the color or the pretty face that is important, but also whether the dog and its owner can become a good team.

The puppies are handed over between the ninth and tenth week, depending on how they develop.


We would be happy to meet the future owners starting from the 5th/6th week of puppy's life.​

Of course, all owners receive proof of ancestry, the EU vaccination certificate, the puppies are chipped and have all the necessary veterinary examinations. A starter pack also goes with them on the journey to their future home!


How much does a griffon puppy cost?

We stand for honesty and transparency, we do not charge any extra for special colors, a puppy from our breeding costs € 2000.


There are special conditions and a special contract if a promising male can be used as a stud dog, more about this under: Litter planning.


If a puppy is reserved, a deposit of €500 is required.

It is no secret that every responsible breeder accepts considerable financial expenditure, be it the vet, food, travel, club costs, exhibitions, the stud dog fee. The puppies grow up with us in a clean, species-appropriate and social environment, and the price includes the considerable effort of a properly run dog breeding business in Austria.​

For us, this is not about personal enrichment, but about preserving this wonderful breed, of which we are one of the few active breeders in Austria.

Griffon, Zwerggriffon, Wien, Österreich, Deutschland

We are here to help and advise you - a puppy from Diamond Griff is always part of the family!

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