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The Brussels Griffon

Brabant Griffon, smooth coat

Pug breeder, Chihuahua, Havanese, Griffon bruxellois, red, Vienna, Austria, Germany

Brussels Griffon, rough coat

The Brussels Griffon is a real insider tip among dogs, they love being close to their people, are very connected with them and want to be together everywhere. Most of the time the Griffon looks for their own favorite person of the household, but of course they are open minded and patient to the other family members. 

He is not a barker and is actually always friendly to other people and dogs.

It's a fun one for children, a playmate, who shows no aggression or hunting instinct and, if he wants, he is happy to learn the basic commands for his human.

Because of their size they can be taken into the cabin when traveling by plane and there is always a place in the car. Most of the time it's the lap for cuddling!


WEIGHT: 3.5 to 6 kg


Small guard and companion dog /

FCI Group 9 companion and toy dogs


Small companion dog; intelligent, balanced, attentive, proud, robust, almost square; with good bone strength, but elegant in movement and physique; striking because of the almost human facial expression.
The two Griffon varieties are rough-haired and differ in color, while the Petit Brabançon is short-haired.



Balanced little dog, attentive, proud, very attached to his owner, very alert. Neither fearful nor aggressive.


The Petit Brabançon (as well as the Griffon Bruxellois and Griffon Belge breeds) go back to a small, rough-haired type of dog called the “Smousje” which was bred in the Brussels area for centuries.
In the 19th century, crossing ruby-colored King Charles Spaniels and Pugs introduced the short black hair and led to the consolidation of the current breed type. These small dogs are very alert and were bred to guard the carriages and keep the stables clear of predators.
In 1883, the first Brussels Griffons were entered into the stud book of the Union Royale Cynologique Saint-Hubert (L.O.S.H.): Topsy (L.O.S.H. No. 163) and Foxine (L.O.S.H. No. 164).

The great popularity they had achieved by 1900, like other breeds, was due to the royal interest shown to them by Queen Marie-Henriette of Belgium. Many specimens were exported abroad, contributing to the spread and popularity of the breed.



The Petit Brabançon is short-haired. Its hair is coarse, flat-lying and shiny, not more than 2 cm long.


The same colors are permitted as for the Griffons, i.e. black, red and black and tan. He has a black mask. Gray or ice gray shades in the mask in older dogs should not be penalized.
In all three breeds, a few white hairs on the chest are tolerated, but are not desirable.

I don't know a more lovable race, one who understands without words, who take long walks or loves to hike, but turns into a couch potato as soon as the weather turns bad! A real companion dog for the whole family and of course also for singles.

Pug kennel, Pug, Brussels Griffon, Standard, Germany, FCI
Zwerggriffon, Black and Tan, Züchter
Zwerggriffon, rot, Österreich
Züchter, Begleithunde, Welpen
gute Sozialisierung, verantwortungsvoll, gesund
Familienhund, freundlich
Familienhund, Begleithund

Our Griffons are sporty dogs who enjoy being out in the nature and they accompany us almost everywhere! Most of the time this is not a problem due to their characters and size.

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