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Zwerggriffon, Züchter, Niederösterreich,  Familienhund

We lovingly and consciously breed small 
companion dogs in Austria

They are a real insider tip among the toy dog breeds

Rarity value... a griffon attracts everyone's attention and rightly so:

He is cuddly, friendly, balanced, adorable and loves children!

Our goal is to make this almost forgotten breed in Austria often seen again.

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Griffon, Brabanter, Petit brabancon, Dackel, Corgi, Bulldogge, Mops, Retromops
Brussels Griffon, Belgian, Griffon, Breeder, Pug, Retro Pug, Corgi, Cavalier King Spaniel, Dachshund

Give a man a dog and his soul will be healed.

Hildegard von Bingen

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