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The breeding

We have consciously decided to breed within a responsible club. It is the only club that ensures that all examinations and tests necessary for each individual breed are adhered to, that these are also regularly evaluated and that supports its members in a partnership-like manner.

Our breeding facility is officially registered and checked by an official veterinarian.

For us as young breeders it is natural to deal with genetics and inheritance and of course we are of the opinion that Breed standard is very important. Nevertheless the health, character and functional physique are need to be of consideration as well.

We know the strengths and weaknesses of our breeding dogs and we are not afraid to take our time to look for suitable partner for them even if it takes a little longer.

More about this at: Breeding goal

We don't breed beauty champions or miniature dogs, but first and foremost - healthy family dogs, which bring joy to their owner and which can cope with many situations. The faithful companions that are welcomed everywhere.

Our puppies are involved with family life from the day they are born: they know everyday noises, environmental stimuli and they get to know small children, teenagers, older people and all kinds of animals. The puppies learn to connect everyday situations such as brushing fur, trimming claws, vet visits, car drives, city life, going to restaurants and public transport with positive experiences.

We offer help and advice to our future puppy owners. It is very important to us to stay connected and learn about puppies development and of course their health. 


Successful breeding depends on information exchange between fellow breeders and partners, we want to develop further with transparency and openness.

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