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The diet of our Griffons
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The pictures actually speak for themselves, our puppies are raised on raw meat, offal, bones, vegetables and fruits and high quality oil. But they also get to try wet food and kibble.

As breeders, we have to be aware that every buyer feeds their dog differently...of course we advise on barf feeding, but in our opinion it's also okay if at least part of the diet consists of raw meat and the other part of kibble.

We still cook fresh food from time to time and of course have high-quality wet food or dry food.

The healthy middle ground has always been the best choice, one must not forget how the dogs used to be fed by our grandparents.

I know how to cook for the dogs myself from my late mother-in-law, she would never have bought a bag of dry food, she went to the butcher and had the ration put together and it was prepared. No vitamins or minerals were ever added and their dogs all lived to be over 13 years old in perfect health.

A BARF nutritionist advises me on this method as well, it is also the best support especially during the bitch's pregnancy and lactation and when raising the puppies.

I too am new to the field of raw meat feeding, but we all as breeders have to be careful about the nutrition of our animals, there is no healthier or higher quality alternative (I researched this topic for ages and attended many seminars).

Opening a can is comparatively easy, as opposed to pinpointing the individual components!

The advantages are obvious: better utilization, no additives, correct ingredients, no fillers and artificial vitamins. This also keeps veterinary costs within limits, because many of our dogs' illnesses are caused, among other things, by the ready-made food, even if many large manufacturers claim the opposite.

I don't consider Raw feeding as dogmatic and don't judge anyone for their choice of food. Anything extreme is alien to me and everyone has to decide for themselves how they feed their loved ones. 

And our treats are not made from fresh meat either!

Of course, anyone who is interested will receive advice from me!

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