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Litter planning

After Nicki's 2 wonderful litters, we are planning the next litter in winter/spring 2024/25

We were very happy to receive numerous inquiries from people who support our breeding path and who are also willing to wait maybe a little longer, but staying well informed and then give a little Diamond Griff the best home!

Brussels Griffon, breeder, Austria, Vienna, pug, bulldog, chihuahua, dachshund

"Thank you for supporting conscious and loving dog breeding"

Puppies as future stud dogs

Since we are still in the process of setting up our kennel and are not in a position to raise another male dog, we are always looking for experienced and interested future stud dog owners.

A puppy that is promising for breeding is sold by us at special conditions; a contract regulates everything in detail.

We will of course cover the costs for the breeding examinations.

Mutual trust is very important, the owners should live within 150 km of our kennel.

Normally a male dog is not used for mating more than 2 times a year.

Young dogs

We occasionally have Griffons between 6 and 18 months available for sale.

This is because I keep a puppy, but for various reasons I can't use it for breeding.

Of course, they can go to loving people where they are the centre of attention. 

Please just contact me!

Dachshund, dog breeder, Vienna, puppies, brussels griffon, griffon belge
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